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THIS Could Help You Smash Inflation, learn how to join them here
THIS Could Help You Smash Inflation, learn how to join them here

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July 11, 2024
Market Roadmap Signals a Turning Point in Chinese Stocks

When a market is emerging from a downtrend, there’s often a lot of “false starts.” 

This is when a stock appears to be emerging from a base, only to be met with aggressive sellers who want to get out into

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June 25, 2024
What Every Trader Can Learn from GameStop ’s Paper Billionaire

Did you see this post on Twitter?


It’s from Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty… aka the man who kicked off the GameStop (GME) squeeze in 2021. 

He came back in a big way. Gill posted his positioning on social media,

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June 24, 2024
The Nvidia Story Everyone’s Missing

There’s a big story brewing right now around Nvidia (NVDA)…

And I don’t see anyone else talking about it. 

It’s the rebalance front-run. 

This happens about every three to four years with some massive tech stock. 

Sometimes it’s Apple, Amazon,

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April 27, 2024
Broken Clocks and Insider Stocks

Since I’m telling old war stories, I wanted to give you a little color as to how I got started in trading…

I was just a few years away from graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree, but in parallel

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April 26, 2024
Nvidia and the “Loaded Dock” Trade

Like many parents in the United States, we are very concerned about what our child sees on the television.

“That’s just a conspiracy theory!” many will claim. And yet, every once in a while my daughter gets a hold of

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April 25, 2024
How to Safely “Load the Boat” for a Stock Market Bounce

I’ll never forget the first time I saw it. 

It was a Friday. I had the day off from my “day job” as an engineer, and I was trading the markets during a once-in-a-generation crash.

I hadn’t learned my lesson

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